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Experience unparalleled hunting adventures with Baja Hunting, the leading hunting outfitter since 1989. Dive into diverse terrains and witness the best of Baja's wildlife.

Celebrating Baja's Hunting Triumphs

Where Camaraderie Meets Tradition

Dive into the vibrant spirit of Baja Hunting! Our group of jubilant hunters showcases their prized catches, all while embracing the rich Mexican culture with colorful hats and infectious laughter. Join us for a hunt, and be part of this joyous tradition.

Pursue the Wild Treasures of Baja and Beyond

Discover Baja's Premier Hunting Experiences

Embark on an unforgettable hunting adventure, chasing the region's most sought-after wild species. From the swift Valley Quail of Ensenada to the majestic Pacific Black Brant of San Quintin Bay, and the elusive Brocket Deer of Yucatan or Campeche - experience the thrill of the hunt with us. Conveniently located close to California, Yuma, and Nevada cities, Baja Hunting provides easy access to a world where the wild reigns supreme, ensuring your hunting experience is both exhilarating and conveniently accessible. Join us and immerse yourself in a hunting journey like no other, right at your doorstep.


My hunting trip with Baja was nothing short of spectacular. I brought my son along this time, and watching him experience the thrill of the hunt alongside me was priceless. The team's expertise, combined with the rich biodiversity of the region, made for an unforgettable experience. Their attention to detail and the camaraderie among fellow hunters was truly commendable. Can't wait to return next season!

Robert Thompson Business Owner
Austin, Texas

This was my third trip with Baja Hunting, and every visit feels like a new adventure. The professionalism and warmth of the team added to the overall joy of the hunt. Their knowledge about the local terrain and species, combined with their genuine passion, keeps me coming back.

Michael Williams Retired Engineer
Charlotte, North Carolina

The landscapes, the game, and the camaraderie - everything was top-notch. Baja Hunting has truly mastered the art of providing a world-class hunting experience. Their commitment to ensuring each hunter's satisfaction is commendable

James Anderson Financial Consultant
Denver, Colorado

My son and I have made it a tradition to hunt with Baja every year. Their guides are seasoned experts, ensuring a safe and rewarding hunt. The blend of traditional hunting charm with modern comforts makes every trip memorable.

William Clark Real Estate Developer
Seattle, Washington

As a recurrent visitor, I can confidently say that Baja Hunting exceeds expectations every time. Their dedication to conservation, ethical hunting practices, and ensuring a unique experience for each hunter is unparalleled.

Richard Evans Attorney
Portland, Oregon

Baja Hunting offers an unparalleled hunting experience. The diverse game, combined with the team's dedication, made my trip truly memorable. The hospitality, combined with the thrill of the hunt, made it a journey I'll cherish for years. It's become a must-visit for me every season.

Joseph Turner Medical Doctor
Columbus, Ohio