Wild Doves, with their graceful flight and harmonious cooing, present hunters with a dance of agility in the skies, making each hunt a test of precision and timing.

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Baja Hunting's Wild Dove Pursuit

Wild Doves, celebrated for their swift aerial maneuvers, offer a hunting experience that’s both thrilling and poetic. At Baja Hunting, we’ve curated dove hunts that immerse you in this aerial ballet, set against the expansive skies of the Mexicali Valley.

Our seasoned guides, equipped with insights into dove patterns and behaviors, ensure that each hunt is a blend of challenge, learning, and success. Whether you’re an adept shooter or new to the world of dove hunting, Baja Hunting promises an adventure that resonates with the rhythms of nature. Join us, and let the skies tell their story as you engage in the timeless pursuit of wild doves.

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Experience the Thrill from the 3rd Friday of August to the Last Sunday of February