Discover the Baja Hunting Legacy

A family legacy of unparalleled hunting adventures in Mexico’s heartland.

our story:

A Family's Passion for Hunting Excellence

Founded in 1989 by Arturo V. Malo, Baja Hunting is more than just a hunting company; it’s a testament to a lifelong passion. Nested in the Mexicali Valley, just a stone’s throw from San Diego, California, Arturo’s love for wildlife and hunting was kindled in the lush landscapes surrounding the Colorado river.

From humble beginnings hunting with a BB gun, to the adrenaline-filled days of off-road motorcycle racing in Baja, Arturo’s journey in the hunting world was organic. What started as guiding friends for fun soon became a calling. As word of mouth spread and more hunting enthusiasts sought his expertise, Arturo faced a pivotal decision in 1994. With Mexico’s economy in recession, he chose to pivot from his retail clothing venture to fully embrace his passion for hunting.

Navigating the challenges of establishing a new business without references was no small feat. Yet, the quality of the hunts spoke for themselves. As clientele grew, so did the vision for Baja Hunting. From initial accommodations in Mexicali hotels, the company evolved to offer a dedicated hunting lodge, equipped to cater to every hunter’s needs.

With changing environmental conditions, Baja Hunting adapted. As the Colorado river’s water levels receded, the focus shifted from waterfowl to pheasant, dove, and Gambel Quail hunting. This adaptability led to expansion across Baja California, tapping into diverse hunting terrains and experiences.

Pioneering Baja Adventures Since 1989

Decades of Hunting Excellence

With over three decades in the business, Baja Hunting has been delivering unparalleled hunting experiences since 1989. Our rich legacy, combined with deep-rooted expertise, ensures every hunt is a testament to our commitment and passion for the sport. Join us and be part of our storied tradition.

Central to Baja Hunting’s success has been the partnerships formed along the way. From Eduardo, a farmer and expert on Valley Quail, to the tranquil settings of San Quintin bay for Pacific black Brant hunting, every collaboration has been pivotal.

Rooted in a family retail business, Arturo’s ethos has always been clear: listen to the client. This principle led to the diversification of Baja Hunting’s offerings, from White wing dove in August to Pacific black brant in January and February. The quest for excellence also took Arturo to Sonora, Chihuahua, and Campeche, expanding the company’s footprint across Mexico.

Today, Baja Hunting is a family affair. Arturo’s wife, Rachel, ensures every meal at the lodge is a culinary delight, while their daughters, Barbara and Fernanda, manage the office operations. Even young Arturo Jr., at just 9, is showing signs of following in his father’s footsteps.

Baja Hunting is more than a business; it’s a legacy. A family-driven venture that promises warm hospitality, unparalleled service, and unforgettable hunting experiences. Join us, and become part of our story.